HTML – Attributes

Web page adaptation starts with HTML characteristics. Characteristics are like blue print schematics informing the browser how to submit an HTML feature. As an HTML tag is processed, the web browser looks to these characteristics as leads for the building of web features. Without any characteristic values designated, the browser will submit the feature utilizing the default setting(s) (usually very boring).

HTML characteristics are responsible for personalizing web features. As a web surfer, you’ve apparently witness an enormous variety of color schemes, fonts, and styles — all of which are brought to you by HTML and CSS feature characteristics.

HTML – Title Attribute

The title characteristic titles an HTML feature and add a small text pop-up to any HTML feature, presenting your web viewers a tool-tip mechanism where information can be found or where a better description of an HTML feature can be witnessed.

This characteristic, just similar to the tool tips found in word processing programs can add spice to any page while presenting the user invaluable interactivity. A tool tip is displayed as the mouse hovers over the feature, giving the viewer just one additional segment of information.

HTML Title Attribute:


Hover your mouse over the display heading in order to see the title characteristic in action!

HTML Title Attribute:

Titled Heading Tag

The title characteristic is one that has not belittled and should be utilized often. Many search engines are able to identify this characteristic within your HTML features, fulfilling increased search rankings according to the relevance of the title characteristic text.

HTML – Align Attribute

You may do so utilizing the align characteristic, if you want to change the horizontal alignment of your features. It enables you to straighten things left, right, or center. By default, most features are automatically aligned left, unless otherwise specified.

HTML Align Attribute:


HTML Align Attribute Display:

Centered Heading

HTML Align Attribute Code:


HTML Align Attribute Display:

Left-aligned heading

Centered Heading

Right-aligned heading

HTML characteristics, containing align, are utilized to be the main source for the adaptation of web features, but they have now lost their market share to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). As most HTML characteristics are now belittled, they should finally be avoided in professional-level web design. However, having an interpretation of HTML characteristics will prove to be an enormous aid for anybody looking to move into professional web development utilizing Cascading Style Sheets.


  • In order to increase a tag, utilize several different characteristics.
  • Through various tag/characteristic combos, totally customize your site.
  • In order to offer your user a more interactive experience and to help your SEO rank, utilize the title characteristic!

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