Html – body

As we indicated, the <body> tag is used as the feature including all the content for the website. Tables, lists, forms, paragraphs, and everything else have to be located into the body feature to make sure that each feature is showed on your site.

Html – body margins

Unique Characteristics

  • leftmargin – Puts a left hand margin for your body feature.
  • topmargin – Puts a margin in the direction of the top of your body feature.

A singular group of margin characteristics are attainable to the body tag. These characteristics work very similar to those of a word processing program, letting you arrange pixel value margins for the left, right, top, or bottom of your website. Arranging these characteristics means that all the content you locate inti your body tags will respect the concurrent margin.

HTML Code:


Html – base text

The text characteristic determines the text color of all text involved in the body tags. Consider it as a means to put the color of your text, unless otherwise noted. Fundamentally, you utilize these tags to arrange a base color plan, which you can later adjust via supplemented tags within the body.

HTML Code:


Html – base links

We may also determine key colors for observed or unobserved links along the same lines. This approach has belittled, and we advocate utilizing Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) instead.

HTML Code:


Arranging a base link is a great way to guarantee that your observers will not gain the harassing error message that happens with broken links.


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