Html character entities

An “entity” is a decorative expression to refer to an icon. There are several icons, including copyright, trademark, or foreign cash icons, on your standard keyboard, so you have to show these characters utilizing a various method.

There are three segments to every entity.

  • Each starts with a ampersand – &
  • The entities’ name comes next – copy
  • And at the end a semicolon – ;


Combine © to make – © – Copyright symbol.

Be waiting for difficulties if you forget to consider all three segments of an entity.

More Entities:


¢ Cent ¢ ¢
£ English Pound £ £
¤ Currency ¤ ¤
¥ Yen ¥ ¥
® Registered Trademark ® ®
° Degree(s) ° °
± Plus or Minus ± ±
¼ ¼ Fraction ¼ ¼
½ ½ Fraction ½ ½
¾ ¾ Fraction ¾ ¾

Additional spaces and <>.

Without consideration of how many spaces you locate between words, your web browser will just submit a single space. Utilize the non-breaking space character entity in order to settle this.

HTML Code:



Everything that goes up, must come       down!

We utilize less than and more than characters to produce tags in HTML, so you will need entities in order to utilize them on your website.

HTML Code:


Less than Greater than:


Take a few minutes to view and play with the symbols listed in the Entities Table.

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