Html – font

The <font> tag offers no actual usefulness by itself, but with the help of a few characteristics, this tag is utilized to change the style, size, and color of HTML text features. The sizecolor, and face characteristics can be used all at once or individually, offering users with the capacity to produce dynamic font styles for any HTML feature.

Note: The <font> and <basefont> tags are deprecated and should not be utilized for published work. Instead, use CSS styles to manage your font.

Html – font size

Determine the size of your font with size. The range of approved values goes from 1 — the smallest, to 7 — the largest. The default size of a font is 3.

HTML Font Size Code:


HTML Font Size Characteristic:

Here is a size 6 font

Html – font color

Determine the color of your font with color.

HTML Font Color Code:


HTML Font Color Characteristic:

This text is hex color #990000
This text is red

Html – font face

Through specifying any fonts you have installed select a different font face. Font face is synonymous with font type. As a web designer, you should know that if you designate a custom font type and users viewing the page don’t have the exact same font installed, they will not be able to see it. Instead the selected font will default to Times New Roman. You may offer a list of several fonts with the face characteristic, such as outlined below in order to reduce the risk of running into this situation.

HTML Font Face Code:


HTML Font Face Attribute:

This paragraph has had its font...

This paragraph has had its font formatted by the font tag!

In the example above, we have changed the font face (type) of a paragraph feature and indicated a list of similar fonts to refer to this feature in the situation that some of our viewers do not have these fonts installed.

Html font – Attribute review

HTML Font Attribute:

Attribute= “Value” Description
size= “Num. Value 1-7” Size of your text, with 7 being biggest
color= “rgb,name,or hexidecimal” Font color
face= “name of font” Font type

Beautiful first letter style

Personalize your fonts to attain any desired look.

HTML Code:


Beauty & Grace:

Customize your font to achieve a desired look.


  • Don’t use font tags if at all possible! Use CSS Styles instead!
  • If fonts are not overused or unreadable, they can add character and originality to sites.
  • Use coherent fonts all over your site.
  • Websites that are hard to read please nobody, so maintain your fonts legible!
  • For bold or italic texts use formatting tags rather than the font tag.

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