Html – formatting text features w/ tags

You may find yourself wanting to incorporate bold or italic properties in your text features while starting to locate more text features onto your website. HTML presents a few numbers of specific tags that can be used to do just that:

From paragraphs to lists and text links, all of these tags add a pinch of flavor to HTML text features

HTML Text Formatting Tags:

HTML Formatting Text:

An example of Bold Text

An example of Emphasized Text

An example of Strong Text

An example of Italic Text

An example of super-scripted Text

An example of sub-scripted Text

An example of struck-through Text

An example of Computer Code Text

Html – about formatting text features

You should only use formatting features to bold or italicize one or two words at a time such as <b>, in other words they be utilized economically. Involving Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and adjusting the feature’s font-weight property, would be a better solution, if you want to bold an entire paragraph. . Finally, the decision is up to the hands of the web designer, but usually, it’s best to keep the use of these tags fast and scanty.

Html – line breaks

A line break is utilized in HTML text features, and it is correspond to pressing Enter or Return on your keyboard. In a nutshell, a line break ends the line you are presently on and begin again on the next line. Previously, we said that each paragraph feature begins and ends with a line break, which produces an empty space between the beginning of a paragraph feature and the end of a paragraph feature.

As we’ve mentioned, line break features are some extent different from most of the tags we have seen up until now because they do not require a closing tag. Instead, their opening and closing tags are integrated into a single line break feature. Locating <br /> within the code is similar to pressing the return key in a word processor. Use the <br /> tag inside other features such as paragraphs (<p>).

HTML Format Text:


Mahmood Bina
Box 52
Redmond, Washington


HTML Format Text:

We have produced an address for a letterhead and utilized a line break <br /> tag within a paragraph feature to add some line breaks so that this text appear more like an address. Here’s another look as we add a signature feature to the same letter.

HTML Text Format:


Closing Letter:


Mahmood Bina
Vice President

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