Html-meta tags and meta data

Html-meta tags and meta data

Html – meta tags and meta data

In order to provide information for search engines that will not be observed by the web surfer, Meta tags are utilized. These concealed segments provide a flag for search engines to contemplate and will then offer that data to any probable users that unexpectedly inter your site through a search engine.

Previously, Meta tags were the basic means for your site to be determined by web spiders, but webmasters misused meta tags in order to recuperate their rankings in search engines. As a result, search engines have since adjusted their method in order to keep results appropriate. They now depend less on meta tags. Nevertheless, you should still involve meta for those search bots that still do identify them.

Html – meta tag description

Search engines are the calipers of the web and help users move across the sites. Opportunities are, if you’ve used a search engine, you’ve very likely observed the description meta tag in action.

In order for them to be identifiable by web crawlers and bots Meta features must be located within the <head> feature. The <meta> tag usually needs the name and content characteristics to be working together to offer your web page in a good light.

HTML Code:


The description meta feature makes it possible for the developer to sum up the content that can be found on the page and is often the first opportunity you’ll have to obtain visitors. These short narratives and hooks are almost the only chance you’ll have to produce a persistence first impression.

Html – keyword meta tags

Keywords and/or phrases may be located within the keyword meta feature. You should determine the most widespread search terms you believe someone would utilize to gain access to your website. In past few years, you could spam this meta tag with any and every keyword possible to obtain ranking on search engines. Now, however, repeated words, or words that do not belong to the content of the site, will not improve your search engine rankings.

HTML Code:


In order to create large lists detach each phrase/word with a comma. An instance of the keywords meta tag for would be something resemble to this:

HTML Code:


Remember that driving traffic and having your site listed high in the search engine rankings is more difficult than locating keywords within your meta feature. The phrase “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” was introduced to explain the strict trend involved in gaining rankings in search engines. Meta tags are by no means a one-stop shop for your SEO requirements while they play a trivial role in this trend.

Html – refresh and redirect meta

You may have to change the path of traffic to another domain later down the road. A common reason might be that you have just bought a better domain name and prefer to keep your old visitors along with utilizing your new domain. You will be able to change the path of visitors to the of your chosen website or just refresh your own page to update dynamic content unintentionally via the refresh meta tag.

For the refresh meta tag, the content characteristic accepts two rationale separated by a semicolon (;). The first rationale determines the number of seconds between refreshes or changing the path and the 2nd rationale is a URL which determines the relocation of browser.

HTML Redirect Meta Tag:


f home page will be refreshed every 10 seconds via the above code. A quick refresh is of utmost importance for news, stocks, or any other time-sensitive information. The usual usage for this kind of meta tag, however, is changing the path. Only change the URL to the new site I order to redirect a viewer automatically, like shown below. This code can dispatch your visitors to after stoping at your site for five seconds.

HTML Page Refresh Meta Tag:


Html – revised meta

After the last update was accomplished to the site, the revised meta tag is saved.

HTML Code:


Remember to have a little meta with your pages!


  • Do not repeating words in the description or keywords meta tags is of utmost importance
  • Do not depend on meta tags only to get your website listed on search engines because this is not the only way to have your site seen by search engines.
  • Do not forget to place a simple, “Our site has moved” message as the existing domain, and then use a changing path meta tag to make life easier for your viewers that already may have your site bookmarked if your domain (.com) ever changes,.


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