HTML-Password Fields

HTML-Password Fields

Html – password fields

HTML password fields are planned in order to get user input, but disguise each character with an asterisk (*) instead of showing the entered digits. While he or she is entering a password, they present a user on-screen privacy.

Utilizing the <input> tag and determining a value of “password” for the type characteristic.

HTML Password Field Code:


HTML Password Fields:



Html – password fields: characteristics

Password form fields may be personalized utilizing the identical characteristic as explained in the HTML Text Fields lesson.

HTML Password Input Field Code:


HTML Password Input Fields:

First: Last:


Password fields present a very thin layer of safety by visually hiding passwords; they present no security whatsoever against keeping the unity of the password data. From data is treated in plain text and can be eagerly sniffed by a hacker, unless HTTPS is utilized to encode the data.

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