HTML-Style Attribute

HTML-Style Attribute

Html – style attribute

Comprehending the HTML style feature will offer you a view of the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) world. Actually, we are going to utilize CSS code with style which is known as Internal CSS. CSS styling provides a website with a completely new aspect and provides infinite adaptation of HTML components and the design of a web page.

A number of HTML features and tags became outdated with the establishment of style feature within the HTML language together with CSS. Instead of piling bulky formatting tags beside each the other, changing the fonts and color of HTML components is now done through CSS styling.

HTML Style: Inline CSS:


HTML Styling:

Here we've changed the font color of this paragraph to blue.

The same results are seen in the HTML Font lesson; however, the code which was utilized in this regard was awkward and not producing the intended effect.

Html – styling

As we noted earlier, in fact CSS code are those values which passed to the style feature. This implies that it is possible to pass a cluster of values all at once, manipulating several properties in one move. It is done just through setting apart each CSS feature with a semicolon (;).

HTML Font Styling:


HTML Font Styling:

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A wonderful method is provided to recuperate the visual display of web components and pages inline CSS with the HTML style feature. You can become proficient in web design through this new comprehension of HTML and CSS.


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