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Text is the spine of any web page, which plays a double role; it presents content to web surfers to enjoy as they skim through articles and articles of information, but it also gives Search Engines and Spiders keywords and metadata. It is due to the fact that text on web pages that we have a network of seemingly endless information attainable at our fingers.

HTML Text is apparently considers as the first feaure most HTML beginners learn to add to any web page, and this is generally attainable through a classic, “Hello, World!” example.

HTML Text Code:


Html – paragraph text

Any text which includes more than a few lines (or sometimes even more) should exist inside of a paragraph tag <p>. This tag is reserved particularly for blocks of text, such as those you would hope to find within your favorite novel.

HTML <p> Tag Code:


HTML Paragraph Text:


Html – headings 1:6

HTML has heading tags which can be utilized as headers or sub headers. Through locating text within an <h1> heading tag, for example, the text shows bold and the size of the text increases to a 24pt font size. Heading tags are numbered 1 to 6, and they change size rely on which tag you select, with 1 being the largest font size at 24pt, and 6 being the smallest font size at 8pt.

HTML Heading Element:


If you place these lines into your HTML file you should see outcomes similar to what you see below.

HTML Heading Tags:



very good


and subtitles


Be aware that each heading has a line break (a blank line) which is rendered before and after it. This is a built-in characteristic which is associated with the heading tag. Whenever you locate a heading tag, your web browser automatically places a line break in front of your beginning tag and after your ending tag, just like it does with <p> tags. This is anticipated behavior, and as a designer you are required to take these line breaks into consideration when designing a layout. Afterwards, CSS code can be used to remove these extra line breaks or manage the amount of spacing, if it is necessary.

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