Html-submit buttons

Html-submit buttons

Html – submit buttons

Forms data are sending to a back-end procedure or program via submit buttons. The back-end procedure then confirms and treats the data, finally passing the information into some database program.

In order to place a submit button on a web page detrmine the type characteristic of the <input> tag to “submit”.

HTML Submit Buttons:


Three HTML Submit Buttons:

Pay attention that in the above example, via utilizing the value characteristic, we changed what was written on our button as well. This can be varied to any value you want.

Html – form submission – action

Through the action characteristic of the encapsulating <form> feature Submission buttons send form data to whatever action has been planned. We learned about the action characteristic in our HTML Forms lesson.

We’ve also been utilizing the belittled mailto action to send form data to our default email client if you’ve been following along. This will let to get a sense of how form values are changed to an action.

HTML Code:


Form Action:

First: Last:


You can vary the email address to a personal address and then send the results utilizing the form via completing the above form, and as your mail program opens.

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